As Redondo Beach Unified School District (RBUSD) parents, teachers, school counselors, and administrators, we have one primary goal when it comes to our students: for them to lead healthy, fulfilled lives. Our RBUSD Families Connected website offers our families at all fourteen schools a single location where they can easily access the full array of RBUSD teen wellness resources. And, as a South Bay Families Connected (SBFC) Partner School, this website also offers our community easy access to local and national teen wellness events and information to support us as we strive together to help our youth stay on a healthy path into maturity.

- Dr. Anthony Taranto, Executive Director, Student Services

Our kids can to anything, but not everything

High School students from RUHS and MCHS share what stresses them out, how they cope, and how parents can help. This SBFC video was produced in partnership with Beach Cities Health District, RBUSD, MBCSD, and MBUSD. It’s a great reminder that our kids can do anything, but not everything.


Find helpful resources on the Families Connected website:

RBUSD is a Challenge Success District

Access parenting resources and tips based on children’s known developmental needs and recent research on child and adolescent well-being, including how to help your child live a life that’s balanced.

Youth Social-Emotional Wellness Resources for our RBUSD Community

As a South Bay Families Connected Partner District, our community has free-unlimited access to the resources below.

RBUSD Student Resources